Oleśnicki Dom Spotkań z Historią

About Us

A few words about the museum


House of meeting with history in Oleśnica is located in a tenement house at Bociana 11 Street, in a place that for centuries belonged to the old premises comprised of a castle fortification facilities. Its location makes it a part of the historic old town. It is an ideal starting point from which we can explore one of the oldest and most charming towns in Lower Silesia.

The purpose of the house activity is popularizing knowledge about Oleśnica, as well as exploring its history, historical figures and disseminate its cultural heritage.The town exhibition facility operates within the Community Centre (Miejski Ośrodek Kultury i Sztuki w Oleśnicy).


Our museum is such an institution which is focused on the use of modern methods of presenting history. You can see hundreds of exhibits in digital form and lots of pictures using a variety of thematic multimedia applications. In addition – as allowed by small interiors of the old building – we present exhibits placed in cabinets and drawers.



History of Oleśnica within your reach

muzeum_102fotKDziedzic.tifOn the first floor of the museum there is a room with a model of the town showing the medieval street layout within the town fortification walls and Media library with interactive and audio seats. On the second floor there runs the path through the halls and rooms entitled Principality of Frederick Augustus, covering the years 1255-1884, and next there are all of the exhibits of Modernity (1884-1945) and modern times (after 1945). The last point is the Hall of Collector, directed for temporary exhibitions of local environments of collectors.



Support from the European Union

“Creating and dissemination of databases for the urban centers of the exhibition in Oleśnica” – that is the name of the project, which the Oleśnica town received support of the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme for the Lower Silesian Voivodship for the years 2007 – 2013. The whole value of investment is 692 940,92  zł , and the amount of EU support – 475 999,55  zł.


Why it is good to visit us:

The Oleśnica House of Meeting with History was created not only with a purpose of Oleśnica inhabitants who want to broaden their knowledge, but also of tourists who wish to explore one of the most beautiful towns in Lower Silesia. We give both for the ones and the others the opportunity to explore the history of Oleśnica in a nutshell.

The variety of thematic, rich use of modern technology, focusing on all ages of visitors, as well as their varying degrees of historical knowledge give us the confidence that we have created institution, which may interest everyone.


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